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Monday, 7 March 2011

Peter talks Breaking Dawn, Nurse Jackie & more at Los Angeles Twi Tour con

Yesterday Peter was at @twi_tour convention in Los Angeles to meet fans.

Here are tweets and fanpics from lucky fans / fansites that were there!


@peterfacinelli says in Breaking Dawn there's nothing left out that he misses from the book, they did a great job w/ it
 @peterfacinelli says his ch. Dr. Coop in nurse Jackie goes through a tough time this season, which was challenging

@peterfacinelli loves the Breaking Dawn script because of the amazing way they opened it up from Bella's perspective 


All the cameras are flashing and beeping for Peter lol. He can't remember where he is. LA today. Jersey yesterday. Vancouver last week.
@peterfacinelli read a Paul Newman bio in 3rd grade and decided he wanted to be an actor.

@peterfacinelli says "Up In The Air' was made about his life
@peterfacinelli likes Demetri, @alchemission's character
@peterfacinelli went into a gas station dressed as Carlisle once and the employee didn't notice he was dressed up.
@peterfacinelli doesn't have a bucket list. He says he's doing everything he wants to do, tries not to think about death.
If @peterfacinelli could change one thing about Carlisle it would be to give him a better power.
@peterfacinelli says he's never been to Fork's but he hears Carlisle has a parking spot and he wants to take his RV there.
If @peterfacinelli could have a super power he'd want to read the future.
@peterfacinelli's favorite board game is Twilight SceneIt. JK, he likes monopoly and guess who. Pretty Pretty Princess w/ his girls.
@peterfacinelli's upcoming project, Loosies will be PG 13. He made sure it wasn't rated R.

@peterfacinelli says @chrisweitz is calm and soothing to around. Likens him to Carlisle and says Chris even started wearing scarves.

@peterfacinelli says @chrisweitz opened up the series and brought a really nice energy and feel to the saga.
@peterfacinelli says @DAVID_A_SLADE was driven and always had a vision for what he wanted in Eclipse.
@peterfacinelli says Bill Condon is just a really nice man. He's very communicative. He's open to the actors ideas.
@peterfacinelli's favorite book is Eclipse but Breaking Dawn is his favorite script.
@peterfacinelli would love if Carlisle had his own story/book.
@peterfacinelli says it gets more difficult all the time to balance his career and family life.
@peterfacinelli has flown home from Vancouver just to have dinner w/ his girls then get back on a plane. Says his girls are worth it.
if @peterfacinelli could be any food he'd be a NY pizza.
Peter says he didn't get hurt in the fight scene in Eclipse but a lot of people did. Said Jackson got a concussion...from Kellan's fist.
Peter says it's fun that his Nurse Jackie character, Dr. Coop, goes through a depression this season.
In Eclipse liked Jasper's flashback but enjoyed watching Rosalie go off the deep end in her flashback.

click here to see a fanpic of Peter, Gil Birmingham and @ohmycarlisle


Peter first said no to the "vampire" movie.
Peter couldnt put Twilight down when he got the book for his meeting with Catherine Hardwicke
Catherine played Bella when @peterfacinelli auditioned. (note: ballet studio scene)
Peter said if he was younger he would have loved to play Edward.
Peter says the family scenes are like one big party. And loves those scenes in every twilight movie.
It was Peter's idea to drop Edward during the eclipse fight training. He thought Carlisle should one up edward cause he's older.

Peter has filmed one day in Vancouver for breaking dawn and it was cold and rainy.
Peter loved giving out burgers at eclipse tent city.
Ps TwiFans...peter is inspired by our enthusian and twilove for each other :-)
Peter says bill condon is enjoyable and very nice. Very communicative and receptive to ideas but hasnt seen any finished product.
Breaking Dawn script is Peter's fav script. He says follows the book but has variations that we will like.
Peter thinks it is more exciting because we wouldnt want to see 2 hours of Bella on the couch.
Peter says he likes surprises cause everyone already knows the books and it adds some excitement for fans.

Peter doesn't cook much now. He doesn't have time but likes to cook rissoto and polenta.
peter says during Rosalie's flashback, nikki reed couldn't "burst" threw the doors and had to take several takes

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