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Friday, 18 March 2011

Peter Facinelli reschedules Sheboygan Mall, WI appearance to 30th April

Peter had to cancel his appearance at Sherboygan Mall on 12th March,  but has now rescheduled for Saturday 30th April.

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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

New Nurse Jackie promotional pics

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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Nurse Jackie Season 2 - gag reel video!

Peter posted this on his twitter @peterfacinelli

Nurse Jackie Season 2 gag reel. Get 2nd season on DVD now so your caught up for Season 3 airing in two weeks:) 

watch the video below

Season 3 of Nurse Jackie starts on Showtime on 28th March

Peter Facinelli makes Sexiest On-Screen Doctors list

Peter is #8 on Perez Hiltons list of Sexiest On-Screen Doctors (He should be number 1 right? We request a revote!)

Go to the site here and rate 5 stars for Peter!  sexy as Carlisle or Coop !

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New Outtakes from Giuliano Bekor photoshoot


Sunday, 13 March 2011

More fan pics of Peter Facinelli at Quaker Bridge Mall, NJ

More fan pics from Saturday 5th March when Peter was at Quaker Bridge Mall, Lawrenceville, NJ.

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Saturday, 12 March 2011

Gil Birmingham posts pic of him and Peter Facinelli on his Facebook

Gil Birmingham, who plays Billy Black in Breaking Dawn, posted this pic of him and Peter on his Facebook page. Photo was taken at  @Twi_Tour convention in Los Angeles on 6th March.

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Peter Facinelli interview with PioneerLocal

Peter was interviewed by ahead of a planned (since postponed) appearance at Westfield Hawthorn Shopping Center, Vernon Hills, IL. His appearance has been rescheduled for Sunday 1st May.

*Peter Facinelli will appear from noon to 5 p.m. March 13 in Macy's Court of the Westfield Hawthorn Shopping Center in Vernon Hills. (Autographs are $25; photos $40.) *

PIONEER: Before "Twilight," had you ever imagined yourself playing a vampire?
PETER FACINELLI: Not really. In fact, when my agent called me up to ask if I'd like to play a vampire, at first I said no, because I was imagining a standard horror-movie scenario, with lots of violence and gore. But he said I should read the book, that it had a passionate underground following -- this was before it series really took off -- and that it was actually more of a romance than a vampire story. Also that it was very popular with women. That appealed to me. So I checked it out and discovered that Dr. Cullen was a thoughtful, peaceful man who just happened to be a vampire -- and was trying very hard to hold onto his humanity. So I thought, this is something I'd like to do.

PIONEER: Isn't it just a little frustrating to play a good-guy vampire? Do you ever wish Dr. Cullen would cut loose and do something monstrous?
FACINELLI: That sort of character doesn't interest me. To the extent that I ever imagined playing a vampire, it was always one who is more mysterious than monstrous -- like Bela Lugosi in "Dracula." The brutal, horrific stuff never appealed to me. I've always been more interested in the character of Carlisle than the idea of playing a vampire, and being a good guy is what he's all about.

PIONEER: What's it like being the vampire father figure in "Twilight" when, in fact, you're not so different in age from the other actors?
FACINELLI: Well, in terms of my actual age, it's true: I'm not much older than a big brother to Robert Pattinson, for example. But in terms of the age of our characters, I'm 350 while Edward is only 100 or so. So Carlisle has that life experience, or undead experience, that makes him a natural patriarch. That's something you might not see right away when you look at him, but you can see it in his bearing and the way the other characters relate to him. It helps that I'm a father myself; I think that's something the producers had in mind from the beginning. It's never been a problem for me.

PIONEER: What's it been like being involved in such an enormously female cultural phenomenon?
FACINELLI: I think the films have their share of male fans, especially now that the stories are becoming more action-oriented as the series progresses. But I love the fact that "Twilight" is something that particularly appeals to women. That's something I enjoyed about the books from the beginning. I grew up with sisters, so I know something about what it's like to be in a world that's male-oriented in so many ways. It's very rewarding to me to see a theater crowded with women enjoying a story that appeals to them directly and specifically. I love being a part of that.

PIONEER: What question are you asked most often about working on these films?
FACINELLI: Usually, people want to hear anecdotes about production and stories about working with the other actors. They're curious about what it's like working on the set -- more than people usually are about movie-making. And the answer is that we all work very hard on them. We try to have a good time, and we do, but we know how much people love these films -- and we take that very seriously.

PIONEER: We won't ask if you're Team Edward or Team Jacob. . .
FACINELLI: Actually, that's the question people ask most often. (Laughing) But I'm Team Edward of course, he's family.

PIONEER: . . . but if you, personally, had to choose between being a vampire or a werewolf, which would it be?
FACINELLI: Oh, a vampire, definitely. I love the idea of living a long, long time and having the opportunity to keep learning about life.

PIONEER: But you'd be a kinder, gentler vampire?
FACINELLI: Absolutely. (Laughing) A vegetarian.

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Peter Facinelli interview with The Sheboygan Press

Peter recently did an interview with The Sheboygan Press (ahead of a planned but since cancelled personal appearance at Sherboygan Mall):

When Peter Facinelli signed up for the first “Twilight” film, there were modest expectations surrounding the project.
“The goal was to hopefully get a good enough response to do a second movie. We wanted to make a great movie for the fans of these books. There’s an underground following, and if it did well, maybe we could do a second movie. I don’t think we knew it would become a cultural phenomenon.”
Many moviegoers will forever link Facinelli’s name with the “Twilight” series, but the veteran actor has a long, impressive resume both on the big and small screen. His credits include “The Scorpion King,” “Riding in Cars with Boys” opposite Drew Barrymore, sci-fi hit “Supernova” with James Spader and Angela Bassett, and the movie that put him on the map, “Can’t Hardly Wait,” a coming-of-age teen flick, opposite Jennifer Love Hewitt. His TV credits include a spot on HBO’s award winning “Six Feet Under.”

He also currently stars as Dr. Cooper in a highly regarded Showtime series, “Nurse Jackie,” which stars Edie Falco. The only similarities in his characters in “Nurse Jackie” and the “Twilight” movies, Facinelli says, are his titles.

“It’s just an occupation,” he said. “The characters are 180 degrees from each other, they just happen to share the same job.”

Filming both projects at the same time proved to be a challenge for Facinelli, who lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Jennie Garth of “Beverly Hills 90210” fame, and three daughters. He was faced with many cross-country trips between filming taking place on opposite coasts of the country.

“When we shot Eclipse (the third of the Twilight movies), I was doing both at the same time for a six-week overlap,” Facinelli said. “It was invigorating in one sense, shooting one, then getting on a plane and literally the next day doing something completely different. It’s hard to take it easy filming, because what’s on screen is forever. It was like some fast train ride, keeping the energy up the whole time. I slept a lot on the planes.”

Although the Twilight series is winding down, Facinelli isn’t slowing down. The first of the two-part finale of the “Twilight” series, “Breaking Dawn — Part 1,” is slated for release in November, with part 2 the following year.

Facinelli is currently editing a film, “Loosies,” a story he wrote about a young pickpocket in the New York subways who impregnates a woman he had a one-night affair with, and now he must choose his lifestyle — the one he leads or take responsibility for his actions. He will also star in the film along with Michael Madsen and Vincent Gallo.

“I’m producing more and writing more,” he said. “I’ve been writing a lot, and enjoy taking control of projects.”

As the time playing Dr. Cullen winds down, Facinelli is looking forward, and not concerned with being pigeonholed into similar characters the rest of his career.
“If I looked like that character, I’d be worried,” he said. “I look so different, people say ‘who is that guy with blond hair and pale skin? It would be like Johnny Depp saying he was pigeonholed for ‘Pirates of the Caribbean.’ I have 15 years of work, and other things on my resume.

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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Peter attending Twi Tour in Nashville this Friday 11th March

*UPDATE* Unfortunately Peter has had to cancel his appearances this weekend.

@twi_tour have announced that Peter Facinelli will be attending their Nashville convention this Friday 11th March!

for more info and tickets click here

for full up to date list of all Peters worldwide appearances click here

Monday, 7 March 2011

Peter talks Breaking Dawn, Nurse Jackie & more at Los Angeles Twi Tour con

Yesterday Peter was at @twi_tour convention in Los Angeles to meet fans.

Here are tweets and fanpics from lucky fans / fansites that were there!


@peterfacinelli says in Breaking Dawn there's nothing left out that he misses from the book, they did a great job w/ it
 @peterfacinelli says his ch. Dr. Coop in nurse Jackie goes through a tough time this season, which was challenging

@peterfacinelli loves the Breaking Dawn script because of the amazing way they opened it up from Bella's perspective 


All the cameras are flashing and beeping for Peter lol. He can't remember where he is. LA today. Jersey yesterday. Vancouver last week.
@peterfacinelli read a Paul Newman bio in 3rd grade and decided he wanted to be an actor.

@peterfacinelli says "Up In The Air' was made about his life
@peterfacinelli likes Demetri, @alchemission's character
@peterfacinelli went into a gas station dressed as Carlisle once and the employee didn't notice he was dressed up.
@peterfacinelli doesn't have a bucket list. He says he's doing everything he wants to do, tries not to think about death.
If @peterfacinelli could change one thing about Carlisle it would be to give him a better power.
@peterfacinelli says he's never been to Fork's but he hears Carlisle has a parking spot and he wants to take his RV there.
If @peterfacinelli could have a super power he'd want to read the future.
@peterfacinelli's favorite board game is Twilight SceneIt. JK, he likes monopoly and guess who. Pretty Pretty Princess w/ his girls.
@peterfacinelli's upcoming project, Loosies will be PG 13. He made sure it wasn't rated R.

@peterfacinelli says @chrisweitz is calm and soothing to around. Likens him to Carlisle and says Chris even started wearing scarves.

@peterfacinelli says @chrisweitz opened up the series and brought a really nice energy and feel to the saga.
@peterfacinelli says @DAVID_A_SLADE was driven and always had a vision for what he wanted in Eclipse.
@peterfacinelli says Bill Condon is just a really nice man. He's very communicative. He's open to the actors ideas.
@peterfacinelli's favorite book is Eclipse but Breaking Dawn is his favorite script.
@peterfacinelli would love if Carlisle had his own story/book.
@peterfacinelli says it gets more difficult all the time to balance his career and family life.
@peterfacinelli has flown home from Vancouver just to have dinner w/ his girls then get back on a plane. Says his girls are worth it.
if @peterfacinelli could be any food he'd be a NY pizza.
Peter says he didn't get hurt in the fight scene in Eclipse but a lot of people did. Said Jackson got a concussion...from Kellan's fist.
Peter says it's fun that his Nurse Jackie character, Dr. Coop, goes through a depression this season.
In Eclipse liked Jasper's flashback but enjoyed watching Rosalie go off the deep end in her flashback.

click here to see a fanpic of Peter, Gil Birmingham and @ohmycarlisle


Peter first said no to the "vampire" movie.
Peter couldnt put Twilight down when he got the book for his meeting with Catherine Hardwicke
Catherine played Bella when @peterfacinelli auditioned. (note: ballet studio scene)
Peter said if he was younger he would have loved to play Edward.
Peter says the family scenes are like one big party. And loves those scenes in every twilight movie.
It was Peter's idea to drop Edward during the eclipse fight training. He thought Carlisle should one up edward cause he's older.

Peter has filmed one day in Vancouver for breaking dawn and it was cold and rainy.
Peter loved giving out burgers at eclipse tent city.
Ps TwiFans...peter is inspired by our enthusian and twilove for each other :-)
Peter says bill condon is enjoyable and very nice. Very communicative and receptive to ideas but hasnt seen any finished product.
Breaking Dawn script is Peter's fav script. He says follows the book but has variations that we will like.
Peter thinks it is more exciting because we wouldnt want to see 2 hours of Bella on the couch.
Peter says he likes surprises cause everyone already knows the books and it adds some excitement for fans.

Peter doesn't cook much now. He doesn't have time but likes to cook rissoto and polenta.
peter says during Rosalie's flashback, nikki reed couldn't "burst" threw the doors and had to take several takes

Saturday, 5 March 2011

fan pics, tweets, and video from QuakerBridge Mall, NJ appearance earlier today

On Saturday 5th March Peter was at Quaker Bridge Mall, Lawrenceville, NJ to meet fans, raise funds for @AlexsLemonade and support a blood drive for Community Blood Council of NJ.

*updated* here is a great video of the day.  thanks to @PFach_Forever for the link :)

Here are tweets and pics from the lucky fans who were there!



Best day of my life. Thank you so much @peterfacinelli!!

Peter just saw us and pointed and waved! ahhh!!!!

He was just dancing <3


Just met @peterfacinelli in VIP & got my hug & he knew me fm twitter love you Peter!


I just met @peterfacinelli wow! I'm still in shock!!  

to @peterfacinelli thank you for doing the rock out hand signal, didn't even have to ask!

I literally had 20 seconds...Got the autograph for my wife....and then Peter laughed and said "I knew your name wasnt Sarah!" haha also shook his hand twice

He is so down to earth and humble.

to @peterfacinelli you rock! ..Thanks for being so down to earth


Want to meet Peter? up to date list of worldwide appearances here!

  • Today!  Peter is appearing at Quaker Bridge Mall, Lawrenceville, NJ

  • Tomorrow! Sunday 6th March - @Twi_Tour con Los Angeles, CA    more info here

  • Saturday 12th March - Memorial Mall, Sheboygan, WI   more info here   RESCHEDULED
  • Sunday 13th March - Westfield Hawthorn, Vernon Hills, IL  more info here  RESCHEDULED
  • Sunday 1st May - Westfield Hawthorn, Vernon Hills, IL  more info here

More info about Peters movie Loosies

Loosies was written by Peter himself. It was produced by the Woodhaven Production Company and Peters own Facinelli Films. It was filmed in New York City and Rhode Island, USA  from 13th July- 30th August 2010.

Peter has described the plot of Loosies as "about a pick-pocket in New York, who lives this carefree lifestyle, kind of like the Steve McQueen type, and he ends up getting this girl pregnant, and his whole life gets thrown upside-down. He has to grow up and take some responsibility for his life, basically."
Peter plays the lead role of Bobby. Loosies also stars Jaimie Alexander @JaimieAlexander , Michael Madsen @MichaelMadsen and Vincent Gallo.

Peter posted this picture on twitter on 27th July during filming.

It is currently in post production. No release date has been confirmed.

Yesterday Peter posted this on his twitter

watch the video below

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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Win tickets to Twi Tour convention this weekend in Los Angeles & meet Peter!

Don't have tickets for this weekends @Twi_Tour convention in Los Angeles? is giving away 10 pairs of tickets to lucky fans!

For more info and to enter to win click  here !!

Info on El Chico Blanco - the movie Peter Facinelli is filming after Breaking Dawn

Some of you may have already read this, some haven't so thought I would post this from

Titan Worldwide Chairman and CEO Brad Feinstein has announced it will begin shooting the controversial crime epic El Chico Blanco, on location in New Mexico, in June of this year.
El Chico Blanco tells the story of Ben Harper, a white outcast raised in the barrio, who ascends to a position of power against all odds. During a stint in prison, Harper overcomes racial tension and bias to become the head of a notorious crime family, entering into a world of drugs, wealth, and power.
The film was scripted & will star Peter Facinelli (Twilight Saga, Nurse Jackie) and will be directed by Carl Franklin (Out of Time, High Crimes). This is the third film that Facinelli has written. His first, Loosie’s, (which he also stars in) is currently in post-production. In addition to playing the lead role of Ben Harper, Facinelli’s production company Facinelli Films will serve as co-producers on El Chico Blanco.
“The volatile drug world of El Chico Blanco has themes of temptation and corruption that have intrigued me for some time now,” said Franklin. “I look forward to collaborating with Peter and Titan to bring this riveting story to life.”
“I’m thrilled to be teaming up with Brad and Titan Worldwide Entertainment and am excited to get started on production,” said Facinelli. “Carl’s vision is perfectly in keeping with my script and I look forward to filming this as soon as I wrap on Breaking Dawn.”