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Friday, 22 April 2011 interview with Chad A. Verdi the producer of Loosies

Verdi Productions is in the final stages of post production on its feature film Loosies. The film's blockbuster cast includes Peter Facinelli (Twilight), Jaimie Alexander (Thor), Vicent Gallo (Buffalo '66), Joe Pantoliano (The Matrix), William Forsythe (The Rock) and Christy Carlson Roma (Infected).
Chad A. Verdi, the company's CEO and the film's producer, reports he also recently signed American Idol star Paul McDonald. McDonald's music to be used in Verdi's feature film Loosies.


Q- Can you give us some background on Verdi Productions and The Woodhaven Production Company?
A: Managing Partner and Producer; Chad A. VerdiVP was founded in 2009 as an independent and fully-funded media production company based in New York City and RI. We currently have three movies in the pipeline and we are just finishing our first feature film Loosies. VP will produce the bigger budget films while The Woodhaven Production Company will focus on films under 2.5 million dollars. WHP produced and filmed two features in 2010 and both will be released later this year. Both companies are positioning themselves to be a serious contender in the film industry.

Q- Investorideas.comFor a new company in the entertainment industry, you have attracted some very impressive names and talent to your team. Can you give our readers some examples of the range of talent in your portfolio of movies, Inkubus, Loosies, and Infected?
A: Managing Partner and Producer; Chad A. VerdiWe are extremely excited about the caliber of talent already signed and on board in both VP and WHP.
We have some great actors that include names like Peter Facinelli ( Twilight / New Moon / The Scorpion King / Loosies ), Michael Madsen ( Reservoir Dogs / Kill Bill: Vol. 1 / Kill Bill: Vol.2 / Loosies / Infected ), Vicent Gallo ( Buffalo '66 / The Brown Bunny / Tetro / Loosies ), Joe Pantoliano ( Memento / The Matrix / The Fugitive / Loosies ), Jaimie Alexander ( Thor / Rest Stop / Ground / Loosies / The Other Side ), William Forsythe ( The Rock / Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo / Raising Arizona / Inkubus ), Robert Englund ( Freddy vs. Jason / A Nightmare on Elm Street: The Dream Child / Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare / Inkubus ), Christy Carlson Romano ( Guiding Light / The Cutting Edge / Mirrows Two: Going for the Gold / The Even Stevens Movie / Loosies), Jonathan Silverman ( Weekend at Bernie's / 12:01 / Brighton Beach Memoirs / Inkubus), Joey Fatone ( My Big Fat Greek Wedding, N Sync / Inkubus ) and Michelle Ray Smith ( Salt / Inkubus ).

Q- Investorideas.comAny other big names involved in your movies?
A: Managing Partner and Producer; Chad A. VerdiYes, I just signed a deal with American Idol star Paul McDonald. We will be using many of his songs in our film Loosies.

Q- Investorideas.comHe is one of my favorites, an artist that I would buy. How did that come about?
A: Managing Partner and Producer; Chad A. VerdiPeter Facinielli, who is very good friends with Niki Reed who is also in Twilight, told Peter about Paul's music. Peter then sent his music to me and my wife Michelle, who is the head of music and talent for both companies. My wife loved his music and gave the ok to sign him. She feels that Paul's music brings Loosies to life.

Q- Investorideas.comCan you tell us what stage the companies are at right now and what can audiences expect to see in the future?
A: Managing Partner and Producer; Chad A. VerdiOur WHP Company just completed, a horror film entitled "Inkubus," starring Robert Englund and Whilliam Forsythe and is in post production on its second horror film Infected, staring Michael Madsen and Christy Carlson Romano. Both films will be released in 2011.
VP is in the final stages of post production with "Loosies," the tale of a New York pick pocket that began filming July 15th, 2010, that includes stars like Peter Facinelli, Michael Madsen, Vicent Gallo, Joe Pantoliano and Jaimie Alexander, directed by Michael Corrente. Loosies will also be released in 2011.

Q- Investorideas.comIn terms of selling the films, who is representing you?
A: Managing Partner and Producer; Chad A. VerdiI am in the final stages of signing some of the most respected sales agents in the business and will release that information at a later date. I am also heading to the Cannes Film Festival in May, where we will be selling overseas territories for each film. There has been a lot of attention and interest in all three films.

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