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Saturday, 5 March 2011

More info about Peters movie Loosies

Loosies was written by Peter himself. It was produced by the Woodhaven Production Company and Peters own Facinelli Films. It was filmed in New York City and Rhode Island, USA  from 13th July- 30th August 2010.

Peter has described the plot of Loosies as "about a pick-pocket in New York, who lives this carefree lifestyle, kind of like the Steve McQueen type, and he ends up getting this girl pregnant, and his whole life gets thrown upside-down. He has to grow up and take some responsibility for his life, basically."
Peter plays the lead role of Bobby. Loosies also stars Jaimie Alexander @JaimieAlexander , Michael Madsen @MichaelMadsen and Vincent Gallo.

Peter posted this picture on twitter on 27th July during filming.

It is currently in post production. No release date has been confirmed.

Yesterday Peter posted this on his twitter

watch the video below

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